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Silly Name - Serious Lubricant

No-Skweek Lubricant (8 Oz / 170g)

All 5 Star Reviews, outperforms all other multi lubricants. Great for Bicycles, Motorcycles and rubber and electronic components on motors even door locks and ignition switches.  

BestLine No-Skweek is foolproof in protecting metals, electrical contacts, and applications of any kind. It is manufactured for household use with its patented Micro Lubrication Technology. (MLT) No-Skweek guarantees multi-purpose use on a variety of products. Kitchen-friendly cleans and protects stainless steel and all metal surfaces.

Made of group 4 & 5 pure synthetic oils No-Skweek is built to work in the most extreme conditions to quickly penetrate rust and corrosion while providing a protective barrier of lubricant. Affirmed to work on 1001 applications around the house and garage.

I will give you your money back and you get to keep the product if you don't think its the best multi-purpose lubricant you've ever used. No-Skweek leaves no sticky oil on the surface, great for cleaning guns, fishing gear, and equipment. It is also a great dielectric lubricant and terminal protectant for motors, hoses, and wiring. 

The Ultimate Protection Compatible with all metal and plastic parts around the house and under the hood. 

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