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Engine Protection That Adds Power, Saves You Money On Repairs and Fuel. *New Fuel Catalyst and Transmission Treatments*

BestLine Chemical Diamond Nano-Lube technology is a unique nano diamond additive produced and structured for maximum benefit in reducing friction and wear of heavily loaded metallic surfaces in sliding contact. 

Higher temperature ratings and stronger boundary layer protection without any solids or PTFE. 

Compatible with older flat tappet motors and new high output race motors. Use with any motor oils including the new GF-5 and GF-6 oils.

High Performance Fuel Treatment

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* Improves Combustion, Increases Fuel Economy & Reduces Emissions

* Controls pH to Meet Ethanol Standards for E-10 Fuels

* Cleans Fuel Injectors & Intake Valve Deposits

* Reduces Combustion Chamber Deposits

* Removes Water & Reduces Fuel Pump Wear

After years of trying new formulas, we found a way to beat our original formula with the latest pure ingredients. Diamond Nano-Lube has been tested for over 6 years in the metal cutting sectors with amazing results. 

The Diamond Nano-Lube along with our other proprietary pure synthetic base oils and additives provide longer-lasting wear and heat protection for your motor. 

Our Mission

We are a company that strives to always provide high integrity in all that we do and say, and to make a positive difference in lives of our customers, with Gods help. 

Our Hope Is To Be Better Today Than We Were Yesterday.

BestLine Chemical Sponsors Race Teams

We love sponsoring race teams that are small and eager to make a difference. Valerie Thompson ( The Worlds Fastest Woman ) Chris Davis, Mike Miller and Dana Wardell are a few of the teams we sponsor. 

You will see us at a lot more race events of all kinds, motorcycle, land speed, NHRA, Ultra-4 and many others. 

Stay tuned for what we are doing with Valerie Thompson, the Worlds Fastest Woman on two wheels and soon the fastest person on 4 wheels using two V8 Race Motors.